aBOUT Josiah

Objective Statement:

"I build Powerlifters into better athletes, with bigger totals."

Josiah finds great fulfillment through developing Power Lifters into strong competitors.  He develops his athletes physically through goal-oriented programming which is backed by a deep understanding of research-based strength & conditioning concepts. 

Not only does he provide the physical aspects of coaching, but he also aids his athletes on the mental side as well.  Josiah does this by teaching the principles of consistency, developing strong habits, and ensuring longevity in order to reach success.  


Josiah graduated with a B.S. in Rehabilitation Science from George Mason University (GMU).


While at GMU, he was able to participate in clinical research focused on increasing the performance of those with a motor-incomplete spinal cord injury, and has some of his work published into the Journal of Rehabilitation and Medicine. 

He has several years of in-person coaching experience through working with a variety of strength athletes in the GMU Powerlifting Club, which ranged from beginner to world-class level. 

This hands-on experience with Powerlifters, and his formal research background with applied strength & conditioning gives him an incredible base for Powerlifting Coaching.

Competitive Powerlifting Experience

Josiah is a USAPL 74kg lifter who is officially ranked top 10 in the Nation and the 99.5% of all competitors. His accolades include winning the 2019 Arnold Classic Raw Challenge, has broken Virginia State Records 28x, and a National Record 1x.

Current Competition Lifts

Squat: 262.5kg / 579lbs
Bench: 172.5kg / 380lbs
deadlift: 277.5kg / 611bs